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Christ Broadcasting Television Network Inc., (CBTN)                

Isaac Luk's Christian Hope Ministry outreach Inc., has been operating in Nebraska, since 2007, and it  has been a source of hope for many people in Nebraska. It is an outreach ministry inspiring  many people in Nebraska. For example, its television ministry in  Omaha, Nebraska is inspiring people in the world.

The creation of Christ Broadcasting Television Network Inc., in 2014, was a continuation of Luk's Television Ministry, which had revolutionize the air waves  during its seven years of broadcasting on Omaha Community Telecast Inc., which is now renamed as KPAO, public Access channel 22. Luk's ministries had been touching lives, through its weekly telecast, for the last seven years. Now through the work of God's Holy Spirit, its newer program, Christ Broadcasting Television Network, is reaching out the word of God to the nations of the world, through its online weekly broadcast.  CBTN, is hosting local pastors across Omaha, Nebraska, in its studio, located on 3921 N. 21st, Street, Omaha, Nebraska, 68110., where the local pastors come together and share their sermons, both live and in-studio recording, with the global viewers, so that they can hear, and are directed to the truth of the Word of God, so that those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ, can come to renounce their guilt to the Lord Jesus, and they are saved. For more information about the programing of CBTN, please go to its website.

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